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Meet your photographer + adventure planner

In 2021, I left Wisconsin and headed west for new experiences. Exploring slot canyons, mountain biking in the alpine, and photographing the sweetest couples in mind-boggling West Coast landscapes became my daily life - I haven't regretted it for a second.

When I started photographing weddings, I didn't align with the traditional big indoor wedding scene. If I wouldn't get married inside, why would I shoot it? Instead, I focus on capturing what's real - unscripted moments, views that ingrain themselves into your memory, core moments that truly represent your love.


Whether it's the exchange of vows on a remote mountain peak, craning your neck to look up at old growth trees that have been here longer than any of us can imagine, or an intimate moment beneath an open sky, I'm here to freeze those moments in time.

My goal is to ensure that your elopement reflects you.  No clichés, just real moments you'll treasure forever - the kind you'll look back on when you're 80 and know that you lived a life worth remembering.


Want to know a little bit more about who you'll be spending the best day of your life with?

Couple in front of Capitol Reef rock formation standing in a road, woman is on top of man's shoulders

01 - This is my own adventure buddy <3 Zac and I have been together for nearly 6 years

Selfie on film of four people smiling and laughing

02 - I was born in Texas, grew up in Wisconsin, lived in Utah for 2 years, and moved to Washington in 2023

Distorted selfie that's mostly purple and blue of someone wearing snowboarding gear

03 - If I'm not photographing an elopement, I'm probably mountain biking or snowboarding

Film photo of two people wearing bike attire and helmets laying under a juniper tree on a sunny day in the desert
Person cliff jumping in the PNW on a cloudy day off a tall cliff

My goals for each elopement + session

Goal 01 - I want you to have an unobtrusive experience. I'll give you the space to be yourselves and savor each moment without turning the day you exchange your vows into a photoshoot. I believe that the best memories are made when you're comfortable and free to be authentic.

Goal 02 - I want you to feel immersed in the landscape like you and your love could be a part of it. Whether you're by the foggy coastline, among vibrant wildflowers, or under the PNW rain, your elopement will be unforgettable.

Goal 03 - Your photos should be timeless. I'll provide you with images that won't be bound by today's editing trends - your elopement will be captured in a classic and timeless style, so that your photos are just as meaningful decades from now as they are the day of your wedding.
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