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It's hard to describe just how in love with this elopement I am - it was a truly incredible day, one of those elopements where I couldn't stop smiling on the drive home through the pines. I left just feeling in every bone in my body how truly sacred this job is. Would you believe me if I told you this was the elopement where I decided all I wanted to shoot was elopements? Because it's 100% true, after this day I decided to dive all in and help couples plan experiences that are just as amazing!

From the 4AM wakeup call, the unexpected hike to their perfect ceremony location, the gentle rain all day against the cabin, the friends who would do anything to make sure Adrianna & Lydia had the best day, the florals & the details, it was literally all perfection. I am so thankful to have adventured with these two up to Point of the Point, and take in all that Marquette has to offer. If anyone ever tries to tell you the Midwest ain't all that, send them my way and I'll prove them wrong.

I live in the mountains with my own partner now, but there's something so special about up north in the Midwest that makes me want to listen to Bon Iver and Iron & Wine and snuggle up with a warm coffee all day, y'know? I grew up in Wisconsin, so I'm always down to travel back to document your love, visit my own friends & family, and visit all these places that make me feel all the nostalgia. I used to spend at least one weekend a month in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, so I know all the most perfect spots to explore, experience, and maybe even share your vows at.

Ready to be blown away by this incredible elopement?

Kira McGrigg Photo is based in Bellingham, Washington, and specializes in inclusive outdoor elopements and couples photography.

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