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Little Sahara Sand Dunes Anniversary Session

I genuinely don't even know where to begin with this elopement styled anniversary session. Dani & Spencer are just truly among the most in-love, passionate couples I've been able to photograph and it shows. For their very first anniversary we romped around Little Sahara Sand Dunes in the middle of Utah - a beautiful hidden gem of a place that makes me feel so damn creative. I am so stoked to share these with you. Between their champagne pop gone awry to playing tag amongst the dunes, and most importantly, their willingness to just let loose and play around and have fun, this is really what I want every session to be like. There's something so perfect about having a couple of drinks and allowing yourself to act like you do when you're all alone together, even if there's a camera around. I try to foster this environment as much as possible, y'know? There's nothing wrong with a little posing, but I much prefer to give my couples prompts to follow that make the whole thing feel more like a badass date, and less like a stiffy photoshoot... because who wants a boring ol' posed photoshoot anyways? As far as visiting Little Sahara Recreation Area - I genuinely cannot recommend it enough. I mean honestly, I'm pretty sure it was one of the best sunsets I've gotten to witness since moving to Utah, and I try and catch a lot of sunsets. We started with the sun high in the sky and got to see the sky absolutely show the fuck off with those pink and blue hues as the evening progressed! There's a minimal fee to get into the park, and on this Saturday evening we were one of the only groups around. Lots of evidence of other life - I love the texture from the tire tracks, but no one else around! Ready to dive in and feel the love between these two?

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