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There's a lot to love about eloping, but one of my personal favorites is that no one is stopping you from celebrating with your whole crew later. That's exactly what Marny & Lex did - they ended up eloping during 2020, but brought everyone together for an incredible Western Bohemian-Meets-Met Gala themed brunch almost a year later in September of 2021.

The love between these two runs so deep, and getting to document not only these two, but all of their incredibly supportive friends & family, is a good reminder for me of just how sacred this job is. Marny & Lex's priority, above all else, was that I capture those candid, heartfelt scenes that otherwise get missed by the couple. There's a lot going on during big celebrations, which is why it's so worth it to have someone there capturing all of those moments for you! From the unexpected evergreen headdress to the scenes of Marny, Lex, River, and Cricket (their dogs!) all cuddled up, I definitely cannot decide which moment is my favorite from this celebration. If you're wanting to elope, but not sure if you can still celebrate with everyone later, let these two answer for you. It's a resounding YES, you absolutely can. You can throw that dusty old wedding industry rulebook out the window and do things your way. No one says you have to celebrate your love a certain way. You could even celebrate first and then elope. I need you to trust me on this - you can do whatever you want to do to celebrate your love, and no one is allowed to tell you otherwise. PS - If you're into alternative music, Marny is one-half of Cop Kid, and also writes music under her own name. To say I'm a little bit obsessed is an understatement - if we work together, chances are you'll hear Marny's voice coming from my Bluetooth speaker.

The Couple: Marny & Lex

The Dresses: Free People

The Suit: Nordstrom

The Bolo Tie: Wildflower

The Band: The Proper Way It's clear by now that I love elopements so much because it truly means doing whatever you want, however you want. Including a huge celebration with your friends & family at a later date! What's your favorite thing about elopements? Let me know in the comments! 👇

Kira McGrigg Photo is based in Bellingham, Washington, and specializes in inclusive outdoor elopements and couples photography.


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