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E-Comm Support Admin

Dec '21 - Aug '23

  • Specialize in online and DTC sales, email marketing

  • Extensive technical knowledge of skiing, climbing, and backpacking techniques and equipment

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Proficient in CRM and ERP programs

  • Skilled in researching and comparing competitor products

  • Strong ability to multi-task and complete projects independently

  • Knowledgeable in Black Diamond corporate philosophy, design, warranty/repair, and historical information

  • Responsible for online order support, shipping, order processing, return management, and inventory control

  • Expertise in resolving order queries, billing issues, and miss-ship errors

  • Assist in training customer service agents and collaborate with Marketing Department on website efforts

  • Computer literate in Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Outlook, Excel, and Word

  • Able to work independently or as part of a team to ensure consumer satisfaction

  • Once called the "apex of customer service" by a really dope customer

Pro Elopement Photographer

  • Planning and guiding incredible outdoor wedding experiences that connect couples deeper to the planet while following Leave No Trace Principles

  • Maintaining a professional online website/presence to display content and magnetize my target market

  • Using Google Ads and Analytics to effectively reach my target market

  • Writing effective copy that follows best SEO practices

  • Working with clients through email, phone calls, and video

  • Executing digital photography workflow: capturing high quality photos, downloading, culling, editing with Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, printing, uploading for client use

Receiving/Returns Manager

Aug '19 - May '21

  • Processed all incoming product through POS/ERP Software

  • Maintained inventory, contacted distributors, and prepared Return Shipments for UPS

  • Processed and shipped customer orders

  • Proofread marketing materials for distribution

  • Wrote reviews of newly published/upcoming books for use by Boswell and publishers

  • Worked with customers, publishers, and warehouses primarily through online and phone interactions between March 2020 and May 2021

Media/Event Coordinator

June '18 - May '19

  • Created marketing material to increase sales

  • Managed social pages - scheduled posts, designed content, responded to messages, ran giveaways, generated traffic

  • Designed newsletters & maintained a newsletter list

  • Wrote copy for radio advertising

  • Photographed & edited product for ads

  • Managed donations to the local student pantry

  • Wrote internal publications to keep all staff informed

  • Created & managed events (Story Slams, Composting courses, Recycling seminars, etc)

Media Intern

Summer '17

  • Redesigned Nestled Pines’ blog and About Us page using HTML and CSS

  • Created content for Search Engine Optimization

  • Wrote copy for individual product pages

  • Photographed employees & products for use on Nestled Pines’ website and catalogs

Marketing Associate

Sept '23 - Present

  • Coordinating and executing GEAR AID's product and lifestyle photoshoots

  • Managing content and copy updates for the GEAR AID website, ensuring ADA compliance

  • Creating and launching email marketing campaigns to engage subscribers and drive sales

  • Maintaining brand-consistent copy and visual assets while creating enthusiasm for outdoor gear care and repair.

  • Collaborating with external brands and organizations, E.g. Northwest Avalanche Center, to create and publish informative blog posts and content expanding GEAR AID's reach in the outdoor industry

  • Managing GEAR AID's outside social media agency and social channels

  • Handling marketing requests for new product assets and updates across channels - DTC, Wholesale, Amazon, etc

  • Assist in the production and distribution of promotional materials

  • Supporting tradeshows, events, and in-store promotions

  • Fueling marketing projects with the same stoke and energy I bring to all of my outdoor ventures

Jan '18 - Dec '23


2014 - 2018


Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies

Double Emphasis:


Web Development

Double Minor:

Film Studies


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