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Waterfall Couples Session in Bellingham, Washington

I'm convinced that the best part of Bellingham, Washington is the insane amount of secret, hidden gems within the city. I recently met up with Jordan and Hank to shoot their adventurous, love-filled session and it was nothing short of incredible. They had the perfect location in mind - this spot was a 10 minute walk from their home y'all. I absolutely couldn't wait to share this session with you - between Jordan and Hank's sweet relationship and one of Bellingham's best-kept secrets, this couples photoshoot was an unforgettable experience.

In my years of photographing couples, I've learned that finding a secluded location can be so important for creating an incredible experience. It's all about creating those magical moments - no prying eyes or interruptions, just you and your partner being your true selves. It's like your own secret love bubble where you can goof around, cuddle up, and show off your genuine connection without feeling self-conscious. Plus, the backdrop of a hidden spot adds a whole new level of adventure and romance to your photos.

Does this vibe sound so good to you? Reach out to me here and we'll make something incredible together:

Kira McGrigg Photo is based out of Bellingham, Washington and specializes in elopements that connect couples more deeply to the planet through sustainable practices and incredible experiences.

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